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HS ImpEX is the exclusive distributor for: ProPolis Immuno+

Dietary Propolis supplements with the best of the beehive at the service of your health.
Innovative products, suitable for the whole family.

Made on the basis of organic Propolis, organic plant extracts and organic essential oils.

All products from the entire Propolis range are thoroughly tested for quality and by the user valued for efficacy.

The products of Ladrôme Laboratoire are 100% organic!


The ingredients in this range comes from the heart of nature, between the Vercors and Provence in France. This region is known for its richness and variety of local medicinal plants, which explains the wealth of active ingredients.

The organic ingredients used in the Propolis range of Ladrôme Laboratoire comes from the heart of nature, between the Vercors and Provence in France, where the Mediterranean climate and the high mountain climate come together. This region is known for its richness and variety of local medicinal plants.


Ladrôme Laboratoire is constantly working on new formulas and new ideas for natural solutions to the needs of the organism.

With respect for our planet, it offers people the best of nature in a natural way without disturbing the harmony of nature.


The entire Propolis range from ladrôme Laboratoire is organic and certified by ECOCERT in France.


Ladrôme Laboratoire's products are produced in the EU according to the strict European quality requirements of the EFSA.

SNAIL STYLE assortment

The name 6Biologico is an Italian ‘numeronym’ which, if you literally translate it to English, means ‘you are Organic’.

 The organic Snail Secretion comes from organic farming and is harvested by hand.
The Snail Secretion from 6Biologico is also very rich of mucopolysaccharides, that give the characteristic viscosity and film-forming, protective and moisturizing.

It contains collagen, allantoin, glycolic acid, amino acids and vitamins, that prevents and cures wrinkles, stretch marks, acne marks, skin spots.

All prime materials in these cosmetic products are 100% organic.
No snail is sacrificed during the complete process.

With wounds this product line can be, can be soothing, antimicrobial, regenerating and cell repairing.

On the skin it acts as a protective barrier with an anti-aging and a moisturizing effect because it stimulates the dermal fibroblasts in cell renewal.

It is therefore an important antioxidant protection, which prevents and fights free radicals, especially those induced by UV radiation.

All Snail Style cosmetics from 6Biologico contains:

- High quality organic Snail Secretion, which is harvested by hand.

- The Hyaluronic acid is obtained by biotechnology. It’s cosmetic profile indicates it as a moisturizer and emollient element, against the formation of wrinkles.

- The Damascus Rose oil is a concentrated aroma of this rose with unique olfactory characteristics. It has a astringent and toning.

HS Impex is a leading innovative company that helps you with all your import and export activities and stands for quality and professionalism.


What is Propolis?

Propolis is made by bees from the resin they get from the buds of trees (poplar, birch). Combined with salivary enzymes, wax and pollen the bees create Propolis, a golden-brown substance that serves to restore, isolate and protect the hive from external influences such as viruses, fungi, bacteria and foreign microorganisms.

Propolis has a complex composition that includes resins, wax, essential oils and minerals.

Purification mainly concentrates the most active part of Propolis: the flavonoids, which belong to the large group of polyphenols. It is the synergy of the various flavonoids that has a beneficial effect on the organism.


What is Snail Slime

Snail slime is secreted by glands located all over the snail’s body. When resting, snails produce enough mucus to glue themselves to a substrate and create a membranous seal called an epiphragm covering the opening of the shell. The seal dries gradually and can become quite crispy, while the snail inside stays moist.

Medical researchers have taken slug and snail slime as the inspiration for new surgical glues with the ability to bind wet, moving tissues without damaging them.

Also in cosmetics snail slime offers lots of benefits, from fixing sunspots to smoothing out creases and wrinkles and even halting acne due to the mucus’ ability in promoting the production of elastin and collagen in users’ skin.

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